Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the insurance coverage offered through this Midwest Food Products Association program exclusive to Association members?

Yes. Only members of the Midwest Food Products Association can access this program.

Is coverage and pricing through this exclusive Midwest Food Products Association insurance program typically better than I can get through the insurance market on my own?

We know this program will offer advantages in coverage and pricing for most members compared to what the market might present when going outside the program. We cannot guarantee a better price in all instances, but we are confident the program will be advantageous for most members.

How does the Midwest Food Products Association itself benefit from this program?

The insurance program represents an additional service to all members from the Association. Certainly the Association is looking for ways to offer value-added benefits and services to its members. And, the Association will earn revenue from the insurance providers as Association members elect coverage through the program.

If I complete a questionnaire and submit, does this bind insurance coverage on my business?

No. By completing the brief questionnaire and submitting, you are simply requesting that we begin the process to offer an insurance quote for your review.

Why complete a questionnaire rather than having a representative call me?

A representative will give you a call at some point in the process. However, when submitting the questionnaire, it gives us a good start into the insurance quotation process, and is something you can do without any pressure of a sales rep waiting on you.

How long does the process take from the time I submit the questionnaire until I receive a quote?

It varies based on the type of business you have, but in some instances it may only take a few days.